Gettering in the Wafer Manufacturing Process

Silicon Wafer Manufacturing

A silicon wafer manufacturer might mention that they incorporate gettering into their processes. What is gettering? It’s a step that removes impurities from a silicon wafer. Typically, this step occurs during the crystal growth process or as a facilitator for VLSI manufacturing. Gettering involves several steps. This article will briefly cover why gettering is important.


The Importance of Gettering

As you can imagine, silicon wafers are highly sensitive components that require care and attention to detail before they are used for electronic device manufacturing. Extrinsic gettering is employed to create a form of stress on the silicon wafer, which brings out the impurities of the material that are later removed.


The presence of impurities is among the leading cause of silicon wafer failure. They can adversely affect conduction, compromising printed circuits in the process. An impurity can also become a hindrance to the wafer polishing process. Inconsistencies in a wafer’s composition can create a defect, ultimately leading to the failure of an electronic device or semiconductor.


Gettering also has its advantages, as it removes any excess gases that might be present in the wafer material. Even the minutest amounts of gases can cause unstable conduction. Therefore, the gettering process is critical in removing any factors that might damage the wafer.


An impure wafer can mean the difference between success and failure. When consulting with your silicon wafer manufacturer, it is crucial to ensure that they include gettering as part of their services.