Methods of Silicon Wafer Dicing

Silicon Wafer DicingSilicon is the basic building block in modern integrated circuit manufacturing. Through the process of silicon wafer dicing, electronics manufacturers have a powerful tool in creating lightning-fast devices and technological innovations. In this post, we will discuss some of the leading dicing methods in the industry.


The first method is known as stealth dicing. In this process, the silicon wafer die is mounted to an adhesive. Semi-transparent light waves penetrate the substrate surface and etch the die from the inside out. Computer-assisted technology carries out the dicing process to minimize errors. This method is particularly effective since it reduces the likelihood that excess substrate or particles may interfere with the dicing process.


Another method is the scribing method. Scribing uses a blade, normally made from diamond, to apply enough force to the wafer to barely scratch it. The force of the scratching presses the wafer against the die, producing the desired dicing pattern. This method is relatively quick compared to other scribing methods.


Advances in silicon wafer dicing have made it easy for electronics manufacturers to create faster and more advanced devices. Technology related to semiconductor and microchip manufacturing is always advancing, which paves the way for further innovation. Manufacturers are encouraged to request a consultation with wafer dicing companies to learn more about their options.