Employing a Dependable and Precise Pick and Place System

At Polishing Corporation of America, our work requires the highest level of precision mated with a delicate and accurate touch. We attain outstanding levels of quality by using a pick and place system that provides unmatched results for production. This automation system is the foundation for meeting output requirements while maintaining the standards that we demand of ourselves and that our customers deserve. Our pick and place equipment allows us to sustain elevated production levels with no drop in quality.

As a silicon wafer manufacturer, we are known throughout the industry for the quality of our products. We have attained that reputation and continue to maintain it by creating flawless and perfect wafers for use in semiconductors and microchips. Using automation allows us to mass-produce pieces while eliminating manufacturing errors or defects. In this way, we can reduce waste and costly delays, which in turn allows us to offer reasonable pricing structures to our clients.

Our systems and manufacturing processes allow us to meet orders for a range of products in many sizes from 1/16” up to 450mm in diameter. You can rely on our pick and place equipment for additional services, including reclaiming, silicon wafer dicing, thin films, and sapphire wafers.