Wafer Inspection

Wafer Reclaiming Services

Unlock significant cost savings through our specialized wafer reclaiming services. Since 1974, we’ve pioneered an advanced process for reclaiming reject wafers, allowing for multiple reclaim cycles. With the capability to supply several thousand wafers daily, our efficient turnaround time is typically just one day. We proudly ship worldwide, allowing you to experience the benefits of cost containment and centralized inventory control.

Our commitment extends beyond wafer reclaiming. Explore our advanced silicon wafer polishing services, enhancing the quality and performance of your reclaimed wafers. Additionally, we offer precision wafer dicing services tailored to your specific requirements.

For seamless operations, entrust us with your monthly needs. Our computerized management systems make handling your reclaim wafer inventory convenient and cost-effective. Beyond standard services, we are dedicated to providing technical solutions for any special requirements you may have. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and expertise our comprehensive wafer reclaiming, polishing, and dicing services bring to your semiconductor operations.


Out typical wafer strip and reclaim procedures are:

Step 1: Receiving

  • PCA pick up wafers from customers.

Step 2: Incoming Inspection

  • PCA counts wafers, a report of “Wafer conditions before Process” is sent.

Step 3: Presort

  • Wafers are sorted for film removal.
  • Stripping schedules are designed for multilayered wafers.
  • Wafers are sorted into thickness groups.

Step 4: Strip & Etch

  • Chemical processing removes all existing patterns and films.

Step 5: In Process Quality Assurance

  • Wafers are inspected and sorted.

Step 6: Polishing

  • We use state-of-art equipment to polish wafers with a prime test wafer surface. We insure surface specs. Only a few microns are removed by our low removal polishing technology.

Step 7: SC1/SC2 Clean Spin/Rinse/Dry

  • Wafers are cleaned by SC1 or SC2 process. Particles are removed.

Step 8: Visual Inspection

  • 100% Visual inspect wafers.

Step 9: Final Inspection

  • Inspect wafers by KLA 6400 to insure particle count per specification.

Step 10: Final Quality Assurance

  • Sort wafers.
  • Provide specified readouts.
  • Wafers are inspected, vacuum packed and delivered, often in the same work day.

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