Wafer InspectionPolished Sapphire Wafers

Synthetic sapphire is an aluminum oxide material grown in a hexagonal crystalline form. It is a very hard material with a high heat resistance, and is highly inert resistant to attack in most process environments (i.e. hydrofluoric acid and the fluorine plasma applications commonly found in semiconductor wafer manufacturing).

The material’s durability and high temperature performance enables polished sapphire wafers and substrates for applications including hybrid microelectronics, polishing characters, radiation resistance, or infrared detectors.

Arrays of LEDs are produced on sapphire substrates that save megawatts of lighting power. At Polishing Corporation of America, we’ve developed a process of polishing these substrates about nine times as easily as previous processes.

We reclaim sapphire substrates containing rejected production thin films for cost savings that we pass onto you. However, our sapphire substrates still feature excellent material properties.

If you need flat, polished sapphire substrates or reclaiming of your substrates, contact us or request a quote today.