Silicon Wafer Suppliers

Multiple Silicon Wafers

PCA has been manufacturing and selling high-grade silicon wafers for almost half a century. We offer silicon wafers of any diameter (and now, ultra-flat 400mm diameter wafers) in our modern facility located in the heart of Silicon Valley. All of our wafers are produced precisely to SEMI standards or unique specifications. Our technicians even created the first wax-free method of silicon wafer polishing to obtain ultra-flatness at a very low cost during manufacture.

As one of the leading silicon wafer suppliers, Polishing Corporation of America has been creating the future from the very beginnings of the semiconductor industry. We understand that wafer specifications for each semiconductor design are unique, and we provide exceptional customer service. Our turnaround rate is typically just one day, and we ship to companies and engineers around the world. Contact us to learn about the variety of custom thin silicon wafers we can produce for your needs.