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Your First-Choice Silicon Wafer Manufacturer

Silicon WaferIn the world of semiconductors and electronics wafers, there’s only one name you need to remember: Polishing Corporation of America (PCA). Since 1969, professionals and companies from a wide range of industries and applications have chosen PCA as their first-choice silicon wafer manufacturer. That’s more than 50 years as a leading name in the industry.


Our story began as an independent germanium and silicon wafer manufacturer in California, and today we have grown into a respected and well-known company in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our facility contains more than 27,500 square feet of space, many class-10 clean rooms, and an impressive array of cleaning and inspection equipment. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about silicon wafer manufacturing.


Creating the Future

Since the very beginning of the semiconductor industry, Polishing Corporation of America has been looking ahead to the future. We’re always ready to meet and take on the latest advancements the industry has to offer. This forward-thinking approach allows our clients to stay at the forefront of their specialty area. Our customers appreciate that they can depend on PCA for high-quality wafers as they move toward the future. Contact PCA today for more information about our work as a silicon wafer manufacturer.